Sustainable circuit: Samaná launches its tourist guide

A tool that highlights the natural attractions and the commitment of local companies to sustainability in the region.

The Samaná Sustainable Circuit has presented its new tourist guide, a valuable tool that highlights the region’s impressive natural resources and reflects the community’s firm commitment to sustainability, authenticity and local culture.

Through this guide, the Samaná Sustainable Circuit establishes an integral connection between the various actors that interact in the value chain of the tourism sector, basing its actions on responsible practices and the preservation of the environment.

Lissette Gil, representative of the Samaná Sustainable Circuit, commented: “This guide is a sample of the possible linkage between the tourism companies that strengthen a provincial destination such as Samaná. A linkage that starts from a common commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability, generating an integral offer in the territory that rescues the aspects of its natural and cultural identity”.

Each page of the guide invites you to discover the hospitality of the various accommodations in the circuit, ranging from hotel chains to ecolodges, all united by their commitment to sustainability. In addition, it promotes the culinary richness of Samaná, showcasing a wide variety of regional dishes made with fresh, local ingredients, contributing to the economic development of the area.

Learn about history and local crafts

Circuito Sostenible Guía TurísticaVisitors will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and local craftsmanship, with unique pieces that reflect the culture and tradition of Samaná, offering an enriching and sustainable tourism experience on every page.

During the presentation of the Samaná Sustainable Guide, an audiovisual work was projected to support the document and promote the impressive natural resources that make Samaná a unique and sustainable destination, while showing the testimony of several members of the circuit.

The Samaná Sustainable Circuit, a non-profit initiative, is dedicated to promoting the sustainability and authenticity of tourism and local customs on the Samaná peninsula in the eastern Dominican Republic.

With just two years of operation and the integration of more than 100 companies, businesses and entrepreneurs committed to sustainability, the circuit has the support of the Samaná Environmental Forum and has positioned itself as a benchmark in responsible practices and connection with the local community.

All companies and businesses interested in committing to sustainability are invited to join the Samaná Sustainable Circuit, to contribute together to the development of responsible tourism, in harmony with the natural and cultural environment of the region. For more information, visit the website and the Instagram profile @circuitososteniblesamana.

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