Sustainable tourism in the Cibao

The experience of knowing, living and enjoying every moment, appreciating the scenery and being with the family, is no longer just part of the list, but more and more tourists are demanding destinations that are friendly to the planet and promote good practices for the care and respect for the environment.

With greater frequency, both destinations and tourists are immersed in living experiences that generate less impact on natural resources, not to mention the level of demand at the time of vacationing; not luxury, but simple, minimalist and ecotourism spaces, for example, sustainable, comfortable and one hundred percent natural places that do not have a harmful effect on the environment.

In a tour of the northern zone we have identified, among others, two destinations that have focused on creating unique experiences through their sustainable projects, which contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the enrichment of the relationship between the destination and the inhabitants of the environment.Sereno de la Montaña

Both places are located in the mountains, promoting ecotourism and inviting to disconnect to reconnect, rest and enjoy the greenery of the landscape. The first is Sereno de la Montaña, located in Moca, in the province of Espaillat. Its existence is possible thanks to the Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Provincia Espaillat and the Comité de Manejo de Cuencas del Río Jamao, entities that set their sights on creating a destination that would involve the surrounding communities and catapult the province as a tourist destination.

This place provides different ecotourism services and has won awards such as Atabey in the Ecotourism category.

Looking at another sustainable destination, in a town known as Altamira, in Puerto Plata, is Chocolate Mountain. The tourist spot was concerned about building its spaces based on materials of sustainable origin. Here, tourists have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a holistic experience with nature. In fact, it is an ideal space for glamping. At this farm, visitors have had the experience of learning about cocoa and tobacco, tasting Cimarrona beer and having a wood-fired Sancocho lunch with ingredients grown on the premises.

Living unique experiences with loved ones, appreciating nature and caring for the planet, all at the same time, without a doubt, the north offers it. Sources: @chocomtn and @serenodelamontana.

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