Tourism card contributed RD$892.3 million in revenues as of February 2023

The tourism card contributed revenues of RD$892.3 million and the contribution from outbound passengers reported RD$1,701 million as of February 2023. Together, they add up to RD$2,593.6 million, which is equivalent to 2.1% of the total general collections which amounted to RD$118,542.2 million.

According to the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII), the accumulated of the first two months of this 2023 establishes a growth of 18.4% and a difference of RD$403.2 million with respect to what was reported in January-February 2022, which reflected an amount of RD$2,190.4 million. On the other hand, it represents an increase of 150% in contrast to the same period 2021 (RD$1038.9 million).

Between 2011 and 2022, the two levies totaled around RD$93,854.6 million in collections for the country. In the case of the outgoing contribution, it represents 70% of that total with RD$65,711.9 million and an average of RD$5,475.9 million annually, according to El Dinero.

Last year was the year with the highest weighting for this tax by registering RD$8,429.1 million, equivalent to RD$2,558.8 million (43.5%) above what was collected in 2021 which ended with RD$5,870.3 million. It also reflects a 17.3% variation indicating RD$1,248.8 million more in relation to 2019, which reported RD$7,180.3 million.

The tourist card, which is a US$10.00 tax charged by the State to visitors for tourism purposes to enter the national territory without the need for a consular visa covered by Law 199-67, accumulated around RD$28,142.7 million with an average of RD$2,345.2 million per year, during the period 2011-2022.

2022, which accumulated RD$4,350.3 million, also represented the most preponderant for this tax. The data shows a 126.7% growth and a difference of RD$917.3 million with respect to the amount reported in 2021 (RD$3,433.0 million). With respect to the year prior to the pandemic (2019), it represents a 24.5% increase which is equivalent to RD$856.7 million more.

It is recalled that tourists of at least 115 nationalities cannot enter the Dominican Republic with a tourist card, but must apply for a visa at the country’s diplomatic missions abroad.


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