“Tourism in every corner” activates in Moca, Espaillat province

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, affirmed that he will continue to take actions to strengthen tourism development throughout the country, since this industry guarantees thousands of jobs and boosts the economy of each region.

While leading in this province the fourth activation of the Tourism in every Corner platform, Minister Collado made it clear that where “tourism arrives, progress arrives”.

“The Espaillat province has an extraordinary tourism potential and now, he announced here, that Moca’s time has come,” said the official before local authorities and hundreds of Mocanos at an event in Ramón Cáceres Park.

Tourism in every corner aims to boost domestic tourism for the local market through the promotion of culture, gastronomy, handicrafts, ecotourism and complementary community offerings.

This platform seeks to integrate communities into the activity that generates the greatest income for the country’s economy.

That the clusters, institutions and the community in general, are direct actors in the promotion of each of the tourism products of their province, and that together they work in the development of this.

On June 17 and 18, an agenda of cultural, artistic and gastronomic activities, as well as the exhibition and sale of handicrafts and products from the historic province of Espaillat, was held at the Ramón Cáceres Park in Moca.

The Espaillat province is renowned for its great agricultural wealth, one of its most emblematic products being the “yucca”, one of the main foods of the Dominican family, with which a large number of dishes are prepared. It also has a rich gastronomy, where the “Mofongo” and “Buche-Perico” stand out.

Espaillat is a province that “has it all”, beaches, rivers, mountains, handicrafts, culture and other attractions and offers, which make it an ideal place for any type of tourism for the enjoyment of nationals and foreigners.

During the event, which was attended by 142 artisans of the province, in which, in addition, the different tourist attractions were shown, were present the senator of the province, Carlos Manuel Gomez; the governor, Juana Rosario de Candelier; Carlos Peguero, vice minister of International Corporation of the Ministry of Tourism.

Also present were Benjamín del Carmen Peña, mayor of the municipality of Jamao al Norte; Rafael Garcia, president of the Ecotourism Cluster of the province of Espaillat, among other provincial, municipal, business and community authorities.


Tourism in every corner is the first platform for the promotion and support of local tourism, with a focus on sustainability and inclusion. It was officially launched on August 3, 2022, during a ceremony led by President Luis Abinader and Minister Collado.

The campaign seeks coherence between the knowledge of domestic tourism products and the development of communities, inviting all Dominicans to get to know their country and enjoy all its attractions.

The first activation took place in the province of Hermanas Mirabal, followed by Monseñor Nouel and María Trinidad Sánchez, with a special meeting at the “Son de KeKa” in Santiago.

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