Tourism results stand out this week in Dominican Republic

The announcement of the arrival in the Dominican Republic of two million 400 thousand tourists from January to July of this year, highlighted the week that concludes here today.

“In July alone we received more than half a million tourists, and thus we project 2.5 for the second semester and more than 60 thousand formal jobs, which means more than 100 thousand direct and indirect jobs for Dominicans,” said the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, during the presentation of the sector’s results last Monday.


He also pointed out that 14,000 tourists arrived in the country on cruise ships from the United States and 5,000 on ferries.

In the activity, the president, Luis Abinader, emphasized that he will prove that the best destination in the world is the Dominican Republic, and that motivated the opening of the borders because many people are eager to visit this territory, the wonderful beaches and connect with the culture and the kindness of its inhabitants.

He detailed as a proof of the above that the nation surpassed 500 thousand tourist visitors in July, which broke the record of arrivals in that month and approached pre-pandemic levels.

“We already have open borders and we are working to consolidate that recovery we need and to be able to deploy our potential,” he said.

Performance of Dominican athletes in Tokyo

Other outstanding news in the last seven days had to do with the Dominican participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, especially the silver medal achieved by the 400 meters flat runner, Marileidy Paulino, quite a feat for the girl from Don Gregorio.

Also important was the bronze medal obtained by the baseball team that defeated South Korea 10-6 in a disputed game, although the followers of this discipline in this nation bet from the beginning on the gold medal, something that became impossible.


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