Tourism starts work in Bajos de Haina

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, inaugurated this Sunday several works that will have a direct impact on the development of tourism in this municipality of the province of San Cristóbal, with an investment of more than 208 million pesos.

The works include the reconstruction of the Malecon, the intervention of Los Gringos beach and the construction of an urban park in Bajos de Haina.

Minister Collado said that these interventions are old claims and will have a positive impact on the community and its visitors.

“I assure you that these works will mark a before and after here in Bajos de Haina, because our commitment is to bring tourism to every corner,” said the official.

Reconstruction of the Haina seawall and Los Gringos beach works, DR 98,899,374.43

The scope of this work consists of the reconstruction of the coastline of Los Gringos beach, which covers 700 linear meters, for the creation of a park with a total intervention area of 16,087 square meters and 6,500 square meters of construction. In addition, a 330 linear meter pedestrian path will be created on the beach.

This project includes landscaping along the entire length of the boardwalk and the asphalting of the road, as well as 913 square meters of sidewalk, a Tourist Police (Politur) office, restrooms, lighting, a universal access ramp, among other facilities.

The design is divided into 2 zones; the recreational plaza, which consists of a total area of 3,572.60 square meters, with a children’s play area, pergolas, basketball court, as well as parking for 40 vehicles and 23 motorcycles.

The other area contemplated in the design covers an area of 2,928.67 square meters and includes 8 sales modules, parking for 14 vehicles, an area for events of 581.49 square meters and restrooms.

Construction of urban park, DR 109,369,991.43

Consists of the construction of an urban park within the industrial zone of Haina with a total intervention area of 27,820.64 square meters.

The design proposal consists of large terraces adapted to the morphology of the area, divided into an access plaza of 4,553.41 square meters, in addition to a large green area of 13,245.28 square meters and 4,063.31 square meters for recreational and sports areas.

The project includes landscaping along the entire length of the park; it will include the construction of 570 linear meters of pedestrian walkways, parking lots for 46 vehicles, a children’s recreation area, urban equipment, a basketball court and an amphitheater. In addition, the main streets surrounding the park will be repaired and the section of the main streets will be changed.

In addition, a second stage will include the construction of a community center to offer services to the community in the area.



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