Tourism to bring US$8 billion to the DR

The National Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores), in view of the accumulation of 3.5 million visitors to the D.R. in the first semester of 2022, which meant approximately US$4,000 million in foreign exchange income, projects that for the full year the country would be receiving more than US$8,000 million for this concept.

According to the entity, the measures and public policies implemented to achieve the recovery of tourism have been reflected in the increase of tourism activities in hotels, bars and restaurants.

They affirm that a report of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, highlighted that the tourism industry grew by 35%, leading the other economic sectors by the increase in its added value during the period January-May 2022.

Likewise, Asonahores data indicates that the International Monetary Fund, explained in a recent report that tourism recovered remarkably from the pandemic being evident in the increase in tourist arrivals which has allowed a well-organized reopening and which in turn has been key in boosting the country’s economic activity.

Rafael Blanco, president of Asonahores, expressed that this expansion achieved by the tourism sector responds fundamentally to the correct implementation of public policies by the Tourism Cabinet that have allowed the consolidation of the country as the main tourist destination in the region.

“From Asonahores, we have been working hand in hand with the public sector, developing strategies and actions to guarantee an effective recovery of our sector, promoting the main attractions among the potential issuing markets to strengthen the development of tourism as an engine of the national economy”, said Blanco.

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