Tourist arrivals to the Dominican Republic approach 2.5 million

The Dominican tourism sector is achieving a recovery in the current administration, registering the arrival of 2,400,000 visitors between January and July 2021.

Likewise, it is expected that another two and a half million could arrive in the country during the second half of 2021.

This was the assessment of David Collado, Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, during his monthly accountability, an event attended by the President, Luis Abinader.

For the minister, ‘we can say today, here, that 2,470,282 visitors have arrived from January to July of this year, more than the whole of 2020. Therein lies the recovery of tourism’.

The minister also wanted to highlight that in the first half of the year the sector contributed, in foreign exchange, more than 2.4 billion dollars.

Collado pointed out that last July alone, the Dominican Republic received more than 572,000 visitors, i.e. 24% more than in June.

He also emphasized that the recovery of more than 60,000 direct formal jobs and around 102,000 informal and indirect jobs has been achieved.

For his part, President Abinader wanted to highlight some of the main initiatives and achievements promoted by the Tourism Cabinet together with the private sector in the 11 months that he has been at the head of the State.

‘We have been able to demonstrate that with bold policies and collective effort we have been able, not only to withstand the impact of Covid-19, but, that we have managed to position our country in a better competitive map in the entire Caribbean and Latin American region’.

For the President, tourism means employment, foreign exchange, purchases, and in general, a country brand, so he emphasized the importance of the tourism sector for his government’s actions as a means to achieve the goal of growth and sustainable development of the nation.

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