With the pandemic, the profile of the tourist in the Dominican Republic has been transformed

Once the reopening of borders was authorized in July 2020, the tourist landscape in the Dominican Republic was never the same again.

Despite the fact that some devices are still in place, the profile of the tourist traveling to the Dominican Republic has changed since the arrival of the pandemic.

Thus, it is noted that the average visitor is mostly from the United States, although more Hispanics are visiting the country.

Citizens from Puerto Rico, Spain, Colombia and Venezuela join American tourists as the largest visitors to the country.

In July, according to the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, 70% of the visitors who came to the country came from the United States. Three percent came from Puerto Rico, 2.91% from Spain, 2.8% from Venezuela and 2.78% from Colombia.

Jacqueline Mora, Vice Minister of Tourism, said that the change in the origin of tourists ‘has a direct cause in the preventive closures of the countries to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, but also in a work that has been done from the public sector and companies to attract visitors from nations that have not been predominant in tourism in the Dominican Republic’.

Similarly, it is important to note that tourist spending has suffered, although they have chosen to stay longer in the country, reaching 9.28 nights, while a couple of years ago it was 8.12 nights.

The number of tourists over 50 years of age dropped sharply once the pandemic hit.

With the pandemic, there has been another interesting change, as is the reason for visiting the Dominican Republic. The Central Bank pointed out that fewer foreign tourists came for vacation and more to visit their friends or their partners, thus decreasing the number of visitors staying in hotels.

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