WTTC and IC Bellagio launch “responsible tourism” campaign

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), in collaboration with IC Bellagio and members of the private travel and tourism sector, has launched a new consumer initiative to help travelers understand how they can experience the world sustainably.

WTTC has joined forces with IC Bellagio to launch the new “Community Conscious Travel” campaign, which aims to raise awareness and inspire action among consumers and communities to maintain the delicate balance between the quality of life for residents, the traveler experience and the environmental health of popular destinations.

The call to action highlights the positive impact travelers can have by making informed choices, such as exploring off-peak destinations, favoring year-round travel, and considering new, emerging and less-traveled destinations.

Turismo ResponsableBy making these choices, they will help reduce pressure on local infrastructure and contribute to the long-term sustainability of communities, businesses and ecosystems by benefiting from a steady flow of visitors year-round.

Campaign date

WTTC plans to launch the campaign in its entirety just before the 2024 summer season, with a strong focus on video storytelling and distribution through the world tourism body’s social media platforms, highlighting the enormous benefits the sector can bring to these destinations and their people .
The campaign shows how local communities and visitors can benefit from the positive social impact of travel and tourism, facilitating sustainable growth for all.

By 2024, the sector is also expected to support nearly 350 million jobs worldwide, underscoring its importance as an economic driver. As we navigate this growth, it is imperative that we focus on effective management practices to ensure sustainable development and thriving communities.

Julia Simpson, CEO of WTTC, said, “Our Community Conscious Travel campaign shows how consumers can travel the world making a positive impact and supporting local communities.

WTTC advisor declares

“There have always been popular travel destinations and it is essential that destinations and local governments work hand in hand with local communities to manage visitors in a way that benefits everyone. In Italy, and in many other countries around the world, it is often visitors who help keep authentic arts, culture and crafts alive,” he said.

Andrea Grisdale, CEO and founder of IC Bellagio, said, “In all areas of travel and tourism, the importance of people cannot be underestimated. They are the lifeblood of this dynamic industry, intrinsic to the travel experience and ultimately to the economic growth it generates.”

“At IC Bellagio, we believe that travel and tourism is about people – not just travelers, but also the communities and people who host them. We hope this campaign will draw an even bolder line between these parties and highlight the truly positive and mutually beneficial relationship that can exist when we choose to travel more responsibly.

We hope that local stories will encourage dialogue on a global scale, motivating others to share solutions that can be implemented by combining the quality of life for residents with the opportunities that tourism offers,” he added.

Public-Private Partnerships

The World Travel & Tourism Council is committed to fostering public-private partnerships to promote sustainable travel practices and implement innovative solutions for responsible tourism.

The new campaign with IC Bellagio is part of the world tourism body’s efforts to ensure a balanced approach to tourism management, following previous reports on destination management and managing destination success.

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