Young Dominican seeks to start motorcycle tour to promote tourism

With the aim of promoting tourism as development in the Dominican Republic, on August 4, young Julio Lopez will begin a tour of various areas of the country, in order to document the most important tourist attractions.

The young man, who is a bartender, will use his motorcycle, to which he integrated a billboard with the phrase “Tourism as development in the DR” with lead lights and the Dominican flag. The young man hopes during his tour to visit the emblematic places of the country “which are not yet known and which must be exploited”.

In order to present the areas he visits, the young man hopes to create a digital magazine, in addition to using his channel on the YouTube platform. López emphasized the importance of tourism promotion within the city and that it should be continuous.

The young man, who in 2012, 2013 and 2014 made several tours to promote a message of peace and against domestic violence, a journey he called “Miles for Peace”, said he hopes to attract the attention of tour organizers and those who know strategic areas.

He added that he hopes to obtain the support of the citizens in his initiative to promote tourism.

Lopez said he has “a compendium of proposals for tourism promotions here (Santo Domingo) to motivate citizens to get away from the traditional and visit our important points”.

He urged young people to launch initiatives that have a positive impact on the country like his, which also seeks to highlight art, gastronomy and culture.


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