DR to promote its tourism relaunch and investment potential at Fitur

The 2021 International Tourism Fair (Fitur), the first major annual event for world tourism professionals and the leading exhibition for inbound and outbound markets in Ibero-America, is knocking on the doors and the Dominican Republic is seeking to reposition all its destinations, finalize negotiations on new projects and renew previous agreements with related companies.

From the DR, the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), headed by David Collado, will attend, projecting the country’s tourism relaunch, its protocols, potential, as well as the framework for investments and expansion of hotel operations that have long been in the Dominican Republic, backing some 20 hotel companies, the banks Banreservas and Banco Popular Dominicano.

The two financial entities have scheduled special events for investors and related parties, as well as negotiation cycles that have been initiated, according to Adompretur’s special envoy.

Fitur occupies more than 69,000 square meters of exhibition space at IFEMA MADRID in order to set up the pavilions and special performances for delegations from all continents, transforming Madrid, headquarters of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), into the world capital of Tourism,

The fairgrounds are specially prepared to offer high health and safety conditions. In particular, the high ceilings in its pavilions and the ventilation systems installed, which renew all the air in circulation three times an hour, are highly effective features to prevent the spread of pathogens by aerosols.

In addition, IFEMA MADRID applies a series of protocols for the days destined to professional conferences (May 19, 20 and 21) that increase safety and are designed considering the characteristics of the fairs it organizes.


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