Adicora Airport Construction Ordered

Construction of Adicora Airport and reactivation of flights from the Dominican Republic and Panama ordered

From the state of Falcón, Nicolás Maduro informed the country that as from “October 1st the Moscow-Margarita route will be inaugurated. Russian tourism in Venezuela is believing again”.

Therefore, he instructed to reactivate tourist activities in the state of Falcón. “We must reactivate hotels, inns, strengthen direct flights from Punta de Piedras and I commit the resources to build the airport of Adícora”, he said during a working day dedicated to the Community and Youth Vacation Plan 2022, from the state of Falcón.Likewise, Adicorahe ordered the construction of the airport of Adícora and the reactivation of flights from the Dominican Republic and Panama.

“We are going to reactivate flights to Punta de Piedras so that tourists can come from the Dominican Republic, from Panama, and that people who want to come from other countries, from Europe, can get to Punta de Piedras through international connections. We are going to do it. And we are going to build the Adícora airport, we are going to finish that runway, and I am instructing to provide the resources for that to be consolidated”.

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