As of November 1, the DR will no longer be on the British government’s red list

As of next Monday, November 1, the Dominican Republic will no longer be on the red list of travel destinations due to the risk of Covid-19 infection for the British population, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex) and the Dominican embassy in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The measure, which will be in effect as of next Monday, will lead to an increase in the arrival of British tourists to the country.

The announcement was made by the Dominican ambassador to the United Kingdom, Elnio Durán, to the Dominican community residing in that country and to British citizens interested in visiting the Dominican Republic.

The diplomat recommended to all those people in the European country interested in traveling to the Dominican Republic and to Dominicans interested in traveling to Great Britain, that they inform themselves “properly through official channels about the requirements to be met to make the trip without setbacks, because the provision could vary according to the evolution of the pandemic”.

Last October 7, the British government withdrew 47 countries from 54 territories that formed its “red list” of international travel restrictions due to covid-19. Only seven remained, all of them located in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Since October 11, travel to the UK from Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela was restricted to British citizens and residents only.

The Dominican Republic was added to that list mid-year.

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