As of September 1, the e-Ticket is mandatory to enter or leave the Dominican Republic

As of Wednesday, September 1, travelers to and from the Dominican Republic will be required to present the electronic migration form, informed the National Directorate of Migration (Dirección Nacional de Migración).

Said form or e-Ticket combines in one the Migration, Customs and Public Health declarations that travelers had to complete manually at the ports of entry and exit.

Enrique García, director of Migration, indicated that persons who do not present the form previously filled out through the web page of that agency, will not be allowed to travel. He reminded that the form is simple and can be completed from any digital platform. Once completed, a ticket with a QR code is generated, which the interested party can save in its device, as a PDF. This code must be presented at the port of departure, at the time of check-in.

Although the change from the physical form to the electronic one was ordered by the Ministry of Tourism by resolution DJ-009/2021 which states that since April 1 its use was mandatory, but its implementation during the following months was voluntary as an adaptation.

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