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Víctor Dumé says in New York: Bavaro International Airport (AIB) will always be attentive to Dominicans in the Diaspora.

On the opening night of the second version of the “Dominican Taste Festival 2022”, Dumé said that the commitment of Bavaro International Airport (AIB) to Dominicans abroad is very great and promised to continue supporting activities that promote art, culture among Dominicans abroad and residents of Quisqueya la Bella. “Dominican Taste Festival 2022” will be held on Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26 at Highbridge Park. Corner 172 St. Amsterdam Ave. NY dedicated to the province of Santiago de los Caballeros.

New York- The director of community relations of the Bavaro International Airport (AIB) Lic. Victor Dumé, said he was very pleased with the organizers of the second version of the “Dominican Taste Festival 2022” and predicted a great success seeing the results of the planning of the event. Dumé called on all sectors of the community to come out in support of this great gastronomic and cultural event which unites all Dominicans.
The “Dominican Taste Festival 2022” will be held on Saturday June 25th and Sunday June 26th – Outdoor Festival. Address: Highbridge Park. Corner 172 St. Amsterdam Av. NY. NY. in Manhattan from 10: AM to 5:00 PM.

“We are very proud to continue supporting this great cultural event. This is our second participation with the support of the Bavaro International Airport (AIB). Thanks to Elida Almonte, Michael Peralta along with a great team of the Dominican Chamber of Commerce “Dominicana USA Chamber Commerce” for this great work in favor of the art and culture of Quisqueya by showing a great segment abroad. We will continue to support activities like this that highlight the true values of the country abroad,” said Dumé.

At the grand opening night of the “Dominican Taste Festival 2022” dedicated to all media where several journalists were recognized, community leader Elida Almonte, president of the Dominican Chamber of Commerce “Dominicana USA Chamber Commerce” said that everything is ready for the great gastronomic event and reiterated that the cultural event “Dominican Taste Festival 2022” is dedicated to promote gastronomy, tourism, investments, the country’s infrastructure, music and other cultural features of the country. In addition, our mission at the Chamber is to educate, promote and expand local commerce to develop the Dominican business community abroad, supporting national initiatives, which will raise the country’s economic production.

“This year will be historic with the dedication to the province of Santiago de los Caballeros, where we have everything from that rich province. Our Dr. Yomare Polanco “King of the Taste Festival 2022” of the second version of the Dominican Taste Festival “El Sabor es Nuestro,” said Elida Almonte.

Almonte assured that this event will have a historic participation and that many public and private companies, entrepreneurs, community organizations, elected Dominican leaders and private and official institutions of the country will be participating.

The board of the Dominican Taste Festival 2022, made several awards to the press for his career and professionalism, the prominent journalists, Ramon Mercedes, Rafael Diaz, Aracelis Carvajal, Miguel Cruz Tejada, Manuel Ruiz, and the Digital communicator Jose Zabala were the honorees of the night. They all thanked the Dominican Taste Festival organization for the great distinction and highlighted the importance of the event in favor of the community.
This event is being supported by its sponsors, Bavaro International Airport (AIB), Dominican Consulate of NY, Dr. Yomare Polanco (King of the Festival) Cibao International Airport, BARCELÓ Rum, Luscious Wines, Eng. Luis Bonilla director of the South project, Cristina Contreras (Manager of the Metropolitan hospital), INDEX, among others.

The opening activity was held in the elegant executive lounge of Casa Del Mar restaurant located at 1779 Webster Ave, The Bronx, NY 10457, and was attended by the most prominent members of the local press. The event was also attended by Mr. Victor Dumé, director of community affairs at Bávaro International Airport, a commission from the Dominican consulate in NY on behalf of Consul Eligio Jáquez, composed of vice consuls Julyn Mateo and Carlos Domínguez, and the consulate’s business manager, Miguel Khon, was also present. Mateo said that the consulate maintains its full support to the festival.

Businessmen, entrepreneurs, community associations and personalities of the diaspora also participated. Also members of the Dominican Chamber of Commerce among them: Samuel Sanchez, Frank Marte, Michael Peralta, treasure, Maribel Perez and architect Luis Facundo, Brenda Cuevas, Lucas.

Several Dominican chefs in charge of the gastronomic pavilion were present and explained the dishes they will prepare especially for the festival. We must highlight a representation of the mayor’s office of Higüey and institutions of that city. It should be noted that Dr. Yomare Polanco “El Rey del Sabor”, who was unable to attend due to a trip to the Dominican Republic, was represented by journalist Cruz Tejada, who excused the absence of Polanco, who was chosen as King of the Festival 2022.

The Dominican Taste Festival 2022, continues with its agenda of activities for the week “El Sabor es Nuestro”.
Tuesday, June 21- “Tobacco and Rum Taste”. Exhibition of Dominican cigars, rum and liquors. Address: Patio del Caridad Restaurant. 135 West Kingsbridge RD. Bronx, NY. 10468. Time: 4:00pm-8:00pm.

Wednesday, June 22nd- Business Table (products and tourism)- Address: 809 Lounge Rooms. 112 Dyckman St. NY. NY. Time: 2:00pm-7:00pm
Friday June 24th- Dominican Taste Brunch- VIP Meeting.
Address: Casa Del Mar Restaurant. 1779 Webster Ave. Bronx, NY. Time: 12:00PM-5:00PM.
Saturday June 25th/ Sunday June 26th- Outdoor Festival. Address: Highbridge Park. Corner 172 St. Amsterdam Av. NY. NY.

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