Bowman’s Travel Brief: The Travel Bounce Back Is Coming

The light at the end of the tunnel continues to draw near.

Travel is going to rebound in a big way.

As we’ve all been well aware of in recent weeks and months, the pent-up demand to get out and explore continues to grow.

I continue to receive results from new surveys and studies each week. The majority of them highlight the desire for Americans to travel again. From Americans planning to use more vacation days in 2021 to viewing July as the kick start of normal travel again, it’s clear to see the travel bounce back inches near.

The news of the vaccine is already leading to a splurge in travel planning.No matter your feelings on the vaccine, it’s important to recognize that it is positive news. People around the country, and the world, view it as the way to end this pandemic and to get our lives back to normal.

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