Copa Airlines Resumes Operations In Dominican Republic

The Panamanian airline Copa Airlines announced the start of a new stage in its air cargo operations in the Dominican market.

This airline, which links destinations in the Dominican Republic, Central and South America and the Caribbean, boosts the potential of regional connectivity in this area.

The Panamanian air carrier, present in the country since 1985, restarts its cargo operations with a new handler in the Dominican Republic, Caribe Cargo, its new national business partner for air cargo logistics solutions.

Copa Airlines Cargo resumes with its own Boeing 737-800BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter) cargo aircraft, with a capacity of 21.7 tons per flight. With the exclusive aircraft, the airline plans to increase the kilos transported by 50% compared to 2021.

The good news was announced during an executive cocktail party that was led by the senior executives of Copa Airlines Cargo and Caribe Cargo, Jaime Álvarez and Elisa Alcántara Montilla, senior director of Cargo & Courier and coordinator of Cargo & Courier of the airline, respectively, and Danilo Vásquez, vice president of Caribe Cargo.

The event’s keynote address was delivered by Jaime Alvarez, senior director of Cargo & Courier, who highlighted Copa Airlines’ corporate commitment to continue strengthening its value promise to the Dominican market.

“Copa has always seen the Dominican Republic as one of the main priority destination routes, which is why the selection of Caribe Cargo as our partner in cargo handling, together with the incorporation of the new aircraft in the cargo fleet that expands the capacity of content and availability of space, which is projected to increase the kilos transported by 50% compared to 2021, a record year with 30,000 tons transported,” said Alvarez.

Meanwhile, Elisa Alcántara Montilla, cargo and courier coordinator, said that the strategic decision to ally with a “new and notable cargo handler is a step towards the goal of continuing to offer exceptional service and to remain leaders in the aviation industry.”

For his part, Danilo Vásquez, vice president of Caribe Cargo, after thanking Copa Airlines for choosing him as the air cargo handler from Punta Cana and Santo Domingo airports to Panama, ratified his corporate commitment to continue providing an efficient and competitive service through the airline’s cargo management.


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