Debell Rent, new lodging and travel platform in the Dominican Republic

Debell Rent is the name of a new lodging platform created to offer travel and tour services in the Dominican Republic.

The new option arises to unify in a single site the services that formal and informal companies of this type offer in the Dominican Republic. It also allows its clients to compare prices, proximity and the best packages on the market.

“Debell Rent, just by saying where you want to go or what you are looking for, you will see multiple options, from multiple guests, which have been verified by our staff so you can be sure that you will enjoy your day of recreation; Every day more and more people decide to spend vacations in different parts of the world and the Dominican Republic is no exception, imagine being able to have your room, house, apartment, villa, yacht, published on a platform through which the guest can pay you and we guarantee the income of those funds to the account that you provide,” said Executive Director Derik Baez Torres.

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