Direct flights between Guatemala and the DR beginning in August

The ambassador of Guatemala in the Dominican Republic, Javier Cepeda Hernán, announced that as of August direct flights will be opened between both countries, he also highlighted that the commercial exchange exceeds 200 million dollars annually.
The Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Guatemala in the Dominican Republic, Javier Zepeda Hernán, said that as part of the projects to promote tourism in the Central American country, he is working on the implementation of direct flights between the two countries.
Javier Zepeda Hernán expressed that the commercial exchanges that may exist between the Dominican Republic and Guatemala exceed 200 million dollars where Guatemala is very favorable since it receives 80 percent and these relations are strengthened with tourism.
He spoke of the tourism developed in Guatemala, which is different from that of the Dominican Republic, since in this Caribbean country there are beautiful beaches. However, in the Central American country it is more about adventures, volcanoes, colonial, historical and health tourism, among other tourist attractions.
The Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Guatemala in the Dominican Republic said that one of the favorable points for visitors to Guatemala is that it has one of the best security systems in Central America, where homicide levels have dropped significantly per hundred thousand inhabitants.
He pointed out that Guatemala’s economy is mainly driven by the industrial sector, which accounts for 30 percent; in addition to a good electricity system with one of the lowest rates in Central America. However, they would like to replicate in that country the model of free trade zones, airports where joint investments can be made.
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