Dom. Rep: a destination where music has no end

When we think of summer, thousands of songs automatically come to mind and we feel the urge to get down on the dance floor. Catchy music makes us wish the party would never end and during the summer months we try to extend the festive evenings until the sun begins to peek over the horizon. Latin rhythms invite us to sway and connect us with people from all continents as if they were a universal language. There is a place where music is heritage, and the cultural richness and the wide combination of atmospheres will give you the best memories. We are talking about the Dominican Republic, ready to dance to the melody?

The tropical island has 1,600 kilometers of paradisiacal coastline, resorts and luxury hotels, different sports, music and entertainment options. A place where dancing to the rhythm of merengue is a must, exploring relics of the past is a privilege and delighting in the gastronomy is a very simple task. The Dominican Republic is brimming with history and exciting adventures, as well as unique cultural experiences and specialties unique to the country: music, art, festivals, cigars, rum, chocolate and coffee. Welcome to a destination yet to be discovered.

Rhythm in your veins
No matter the time or place, with the first notes of any song Dominicans’ feet move to the beat. The feet are followed by the hips, the hands and the rest of the body. It is impossible to travel through the Dominican Republic without recognizing their songs and wanting to sing them while you move your skeleton trying to imitate their studied steps. Music is part of the culture and character of its inhabitants. And you can see it in their hospitality, in their permanent smile, in their desire to party and in that unmistakable sound: Caribbean music.

The country’s most characteristic sounds and instruments are influenced by a mixture of indigenous, African and Spanish roots. Music and dance are part of daily life and no matter when you decide to visit the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean, it’s always a good time to enjoy live performances or get your feet tapping on any dance floor.

Merengue and bachata, the DNA of the Dominican Republic
There is a sound that we identify with the Dominican Republic and has taken the country’s name to every corner of the world: the sound of music. Merengue is part of the purest Dominican DNA. Merengue lyrics share everyday stories trying to reflect the multiculturalism of the country while making anyone get out of their chair to enjoy the rhythm of Juan Luis Guerra, Milly Quezada or Johnny Ventura.

Another Dominican ingredient that is not missing at any party is bachata, a great musical style that has managed to sneak into playlists in every country in the world thanks to its tropical and catchy rhythm. In addition, in recent years, dembow has come to stay, mixing sounds of rap, reggae, merengue, danceball and even reggaeton, making everyone want to jump on the dance floor as soon as they hear it.

A destination to explore
Hypnotic landscapes full of color, friendly and smiling people, white sand beaches and turquoise water, unspoiled nature in its purest form. Places full of Dominicans and tourists that move to the rhythm of son, bachata and merengue until the wee hours of the morning. Visit the Dominican Republic and escape from mass tourism while living a native experience: crystal clear waters, fine sand and wild palm trees. There is a lot of territory to explore in the place where the first encounter between the two worlds took place. Lose yourself in the country that smells of coffee and ginger and let yourself be surprised by the number of hidden corners where you can enjoy the music. If life were a dance, the music would sound from the Dominican Republic.

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