Iberia supports Dominican Republic destination

Iberia remains firmly committed to the Dominican Republic. Its CEO, Javier Sánchez-Prieto, has declared his intention to “continue developing connectivity with the DR”, because “it continues to be a very important market”. To date, “we are operating more than one daily frequency in the summer,” according to Arecoa, a Grupo Preferente media outlet.

This bet is being supported by the good performance of the market itself. “It has been the Iberia route in which our pre-pandemic capacity recovered the fastest”. In fact, “in December 2020 we were already offering more capacity than in pre-pandemic and the number of weekly frequencies has been gradually increasing,” he stressed. (Iberia already has pre-pandemic activity in the Dominican Republic).

The growth strategy is practically guaranteed. Iberia’s relations with Latin America are “magnificent”, and they share a “common vision” of how operations should be tackled and what decisions should be taken in the face of covid.

In this regard, Sanchez-Prieto praised the management of the pandemic at the destination. He said that “it was a mirror of what Iberia intended to do, which was to have the company in operation, to keep us open, to be able to combine safety issues, in this case health safety, with continuing to maintain activity levels”.

The culmination of this “courtship” will be the celebration of the airline’s 75th anniversary in Latin America. In the case of DR, its start-up dates back to 1967. Likewise, the executive recalled that “this year we celebrate 55 years since our first flight to Santo Domingo, where we hope to continue flying for many more years”.

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