Negotiations advance for air services between the Dominican Republic and Jamaica

In order to promote the sector, improve trade and generate new opportunities in commercial aviation for the country’s productive sectors, the president of the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), José Marte Piantini, reported on the progress of negotiations for air transport services with the Government of Jamaica.

“Negotiations with the Civil Aviation Authority of Jamaica will allow the establishment of new and more operations to and from Dominican territory, and with this, continue with the objective of increasing the country’s connectivity,” he communicated.

In that sense, the official reiterated that the negotiations on commercial aviation with the Government of Jamaica will boost the services of domestic and foreign operators, thus giving Dominican travelers more options to visit.

“We are convinced that these negotiations will be of great benefit to the sector, as these negotiations will cover multiple issues related to air transport services for passengers and cargo,” he said.

He specified that both countries (Dominican Republic and Jamaica) are very interested in making rapid progress in the negotiations, for which reason a virtual work schedule has been established.


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