Plus Ultra will operate the Santiago de los Caballeros – Madrid route

Starting next December, there will be direct flights connecting the airports of Santiago, Dominican Republic and Madrid, Spain.

With a view to next Christmas, flights from Madrid, Spain and Santiago de los Caballeros have been provided, so that for the first time in history it will be possible to travel from the Adolfo Suárez Airport in Madrid to the Cibao International Airport, in Santiago, with two special departures in December and a weekly frequency.

The information was provided by the Cibao International Airport, where they welcomed Grupo Consolidador Aéreo, VDT Travel Wholesaler and Plus Ultra airline.

Félix M. García, who is the president of the Board of Directors of the Cibao International Airport, thanked the executives of the Plus Ultra airline for their confidence, which will be a great boost for the Dominican community in Spain and all of Europe, as well as for tourism in the north of the Dominican Republic.

Plus Ultra, together with Grupo VDT, has joined forces to offer a direct flight to Santiago de los Caballeros to the large Dominican colony in Cibao.

Both the CEOs of Grupo VDT and the management of Plus Ultra are happy to be the first to launch this destination, and to bring to all Dominicans in Europe the possibility of direct flights from Madrid to Santiago de los Caballeros and the entire Cibao area’, they said.

In addition, the local press points out a communiqué from Plus Ultra in which it is stated that this will mark ‘a before and after not only in the industry but also for all Dominicans living in the old continent’.

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