ReefJet Tour Operator awarded air operator certificate

IDAC grants air operator certificate to tour operator ReefJet

ReefJet, a well-known tour operator specialized in airplane excursions to different parts of the Dominican Republic, now has its own Air Operator Certificate (AOC), issued after completing an extensive certification process, which accredits the company as both a domestic and international charter airline.

The certification, issued by the Dominican Institute of Aviation (IDAC), will allow ReefJet to operate its own flights, in its own aircraft to destinations such as: Bahía de las Águilas, in Pedernales; Samaná and the rest of the Caribbean, allowing it to connect visitors quickly and safely.

In order to obtain the certification ReefJet has had to comply with the legal regulations in force before the authorities, which include formation and training of operative, administrative and managerial personnel, base inspection, flight line checks.

“This certification, which accredits us as an air operator, is the beginning of a project that has been taking shape for years, and has been possible thanks to the teamwork of the entire ReefJet staff together with the certification team by the regulatory body IDAC,” said Geraint Maria, ReefJet’s director of operations.

He added that “We call ourselves the first “Leisure Airline” of the Dominican Republic, we are an airline devoted to local and foreign tourism, with this new air operator certificate we seek to consolidate our tourism products and create new experiences”.

After receiving the certification, the executive indicated that the company expects to be part of the development and recovery of tourism in the Dominican Republic, according to a press release.

The company, with Dominican capital, has 2 Cessna 402B aircraft, both with capacity for up to 9 passengers, with which it expects to meet the demand for short-haul charter flights and air tours throughout the Dominican Republic and part of the Caribbean, and has a trained and capable staff for operational, managerial and cabin functions.

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