Bangs are on trend, wear them in the style of celebrities

Bangs are one of those arts that we do in our hair from childhood to our later years. There are those who feel so comfortable wearing it that it is like an indicator without which no one would be unrecognizable. The best example is that of writer and fashion editor Anna Wintour, who if she ever decides to take her pollina off, she could walk anywhere she wants and no one would know it was her.

The appeal of bangs lies in the versatility and freshness they bring to the face. It has rarely been out of trend; in fact, it is currently in the beauty trend, both for girls with straight or curly hair. If you’re up for it, here are a few examples to show it off in style. Something like with a touch of celebrity “artitage”.

With movement, like Techy Fatule

The young Dominican singer has opted for a mullet haircut, inspired by the 70s and 80s, but with the modern touch that every trendy girl should give her face. We love the movement and freedom she has given to her bangs, which she softens without altering her morphology. If your face shape is similar to hers, go for it, because it looks great on her. Try to do it with the expert help of a stylist to avoid disappointment.

Short like Úrsula Corberó’s

The actress who plays the character of Tokio in the hit Netflix series, La Casa de Papel, shows us an elegant daring that works for the most liberal and conservative; for housewives and executives … without labels. She’s another one who has joined the mullet trend, but with a short, flowing fringe that looks great on her. Although it could be considered a vintage style, which in fact it is, the way she wears it gives it a futuristic and very contemporary feel. The good news is that it adapts to any type of hair texture and promises to stay on trend until summer 2021, and who knows if it will extend.

A weave like Selena Gomez’s

This singer’s stylists know very well how to style her rounded face, adding personality and a lot of beauty. With this French fringe it’s like having it and taking it off whenever you want; in fact it’s one of the favorites in the Dominican Republic, thanks to this look.

It consists of a fringe that you can divide in two, much like a curtain; or pull it to the side if you wish. The magic is in the blunt technique, which allows a lot of movement and favors all types of faces and hair. The point is to give it more or less ends, at the discretion of your stylist’s knowledge.

Straight and galactic like Martina Cariddi’s bangs

Another inspiration taken from Netflix is the straight fringe as if cut with a ruler, at the level of the middle forehead, above the eyebrows and worn to perfection by Martina Cariddi, actress who embodies one of the new students of the fourth season of the teen series Élite. It is a bet on freshness with decisive novelty and boldness not out of line. Although its essence is in the grunge style, associated with the carelessness and dishevelment of the 90’s, in this form it is detached from that point to refine itself with delicacy, security and balance.

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