Midriff flossing, the trend that sweeps this spring

The term midriff flossing could be translated as dental floss running along the abdomen and that is the effect sought by this type of pants, which include strips, sometimes very thin like dental floss, that come out of the garment and are tied at the waist and sometimes even run along part of the torso. These thin strips, which will appear on skirts, dresses, pants with thong effect or surrounding the abdomen as the strips of floss sandals, are already a trend this spring 2021. Marisol Almonte, from the blog @liderandocontacones, collects how celebrities wear it or how designers present it on the catwalk, so you can include it in your next looks.

In the 90s it was very fashionable, with the use of pants to the hips that showed the dental floss. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton set the trend with this model. Even Carrie Bradshaw made this model very popular in the series “Sex and the City”.

If you thought this was a thing of the past, you’re wrong, in the middle of 2021 celebrities like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner or Jessica Goicoechea wear it even with jackets.

The floss does not necessarily come connected to your underwear, it can be used in order to stylize the figure, wearing it on the sides of the pants or skirt.

Some of the designers who have opted for this model are Christopher Esber, Jacquemus, Tom Ford, Michael Kors or Versace, who have been joined by low cost brands like Zara and Bershka that intend to bring it to the young public.

We must take into account that the attraction of this model is in the waist, if you dare to use it, remember that it looks much better in a well worked and flat abdomen.

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