Rosalía revolutionizes social networks from the Dominican Republic: “Derritiendo”.

If exactly five days ago the Catalan singer Rosalía Vila turned the social networks upside down with several photos of herself, showing off her sculpted body in a black bikini, on the paradisiacal beaches of the Dominican Republic, now the artist has returned to talk, and much, with the latest publication she has shared on her Instagram account. The one from Sant Esteve Sesrrovires has left everyone with their mouths open with three photographs that she has taken while passing through the other side of the pond, where she is for work reasons and also takes the opportunity to disconnect and enjoy the good weather and its incredible landscapes.

Three snapshots that, once again, have not gone unnoticed by almost anyone. In a matter of minutes, the Catalan has received a lot of comments and ‘likes’ from her followers, more than 16 million people. Photos that, showing her naturalness and spontaneity, she has accompanied with a sincere confession that has also given a lot of play in social networks. Rosalía is like a hurricane, she sweeps everything she says or does. Proof of this, her Instagram. We show it below. Photo of Malamente on the beach, giving envy to her followers in the middle of August:

Three photos, one, two and three, are the ones that Rosalía has published on social networks during the afternoon of Thursday, August 12. The pictures show her wearing a white top that exposes part of her belly, wide black pants, black sunglasses and a cap, with a cloth to cover her ears and the back of her neck, also black. In case there was any doubt, black is one of the singer’s favorite colors, to which she almost always resorts when it comes to dressing. And it looks phenomenal on her.

Snapshots in which she shows off her full lips perfectly painted with maroon lipstick. As perfect is also the message she has written, in which she describes the reality of what happens to her day in and day out, now that she is in the Dominican Republic, specifically in Santo Domingo, far away from her native Catalonia, a land she misses very much. “The truth was melting me,” the singer confesses, the result of the heat on the Caribbean island. We’re talking about this:

“You melt because you are a hottie”, “Saca nueva música ya”, “Derretido estoy yo”, “Los bombones no aguantan mucho rato al sol”, “Reina”, “Guapa”, “Eres única” or “Madre mía Rosalía”. These are some of the many messages that can be read in the publication. A photo session that Rosalía de Catalunya took during her stay in the Parque Rosado de Santo Domingo, located in the Colonial Zone of the city. A stay in the Caribbean that Rosalía is enjoying to the fullest, since she arrived at the end of July, after spending a few days in Paris, where she had a wonderful time with her friend Sita Abellán, known as D.J., model, designer and stylist born in Murcia.

Before dropping by the city of love, Rosalía spent a few days in her homeland, Catalonia, where she took the opportunity to be at home with her mother, visit the Salvador Dalí museum in Portlligat and eat at one of the legendary restaurants in Barcelona, Bar del Pla, located in the Born area. Rosalía is like a shooting star, one day she is in one place and the next she rises in another. She flies. She is a woman of the world, everyone loves her and adores her, she shines with her own light. She shines with her own light. What will be her next destination? Place your bets.

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