Businessman highlights Miches’ tourism potential

The businessman and investor George Nader affirmed this Sunday that the municipality of Miches has all the conditions to be one of the favorite places for tourists who visit the country every year.

George Nader said that Miches tourism developers and investors are working with dedication to position this tourist destination in a sustainable way and taking care of the environment.

He pointed out that among the projects being developed in the municipality of Miches by his company Nader Enterprises, Maralda is one of them and is conceived to be executed in seven phases, and that it already has an environmental license and the “no objection” of the Ministry of Tourism for the construction of more than 27,000 hotel and residential rooms.

“Maralda will be developed in an area of 8 million square meters and will have components of entertainment, hotel, residential, real estate, sports, everything that has to do with health and physical and mental well-being, in other words, we come with an innovative project that will further position Miches as a tourist destination that is being developed in a sustainable manner and with great care for the environment”, said George Alexander Nader.

In this sense, Nader affirmed that the country must continue to create the conditions for the development of entrepreneurs and tourism workers.

“There is no place in the country that is going to experience more economic and demographic growth than Miches, therefore, we have to prepare our entrepreneurs and businesses from today,” he said.
He highlighted that Nader Enterprises and Fiduciaria Universal signed an agreement last July to structure and implement various investment and development trusts to promote real estate tourism projects in Miches.

George Alexander Nader praised the work done by the Tourism Cabinet chaired by President Luis Abinader and coordinated by Minister David Collado.

“What is being shown with data and what the Minister of Tourism is doing is something unprecedented, today it is said that the most valuable thing is not gold, but information, then, from the Ministry of Tourism, they are revealing data that serve to teach investors and hotel chains the virtues that the Dominican Republic has and how attractive the market is globally,” said the businessman.

Praises international promotion strategy

“What has become evident is the good management that this government has given to the pandemic, and how, by offering this information, the potential of the Dominican Republic is made transparent and how with this data the money that is invested in the promotion of the country is done in a more intelligent way and reaches much further,” said Nader.

The businessman also highlighted the strength of public-private alliances in the country, indicating that the country is a focus for investment.

“Right now, the Dominican Republic is one of the countries that is most in the sights of all investors around the world, from institutional investors to project developers and hotel brand owners, among others, because there is a great market, good land and a labor force that is becoming more and more prepared,” he said.

“The government has proven to know what it is doing in terms of tourism and investment promotion. Likewise, it is promoting transparency and legal security, among other factors that contribute to reduce the uncertainty of investing in these markets and that differentiates us from other countries in the region,” he added.


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