Dominican actress Marta González in “Líos de familia”

Líos de Familia is the name of the first Dominican series that is an original production of Pantaya. It is, according to a press release, a hilarious comedy that tells the story of the residents of a picturesque middle-class building in Santo Domingo, where the audience will see characters from all walks of life. In the series Marta Gonzalez plays Cristina: a former beauty queen married to an unscrupulous politician who has been indicted by the prosecutor’s office. Cristina goes from being a millionaire to being left penniless. She lives in a bubble, in her world of appearances and lies, deceiving everyone and covering up the follies of her husband Esteban.

Marta González and Kenny Grullón, at the gym (Photo served).
“Being an actress simply makes me happy. I like to entertain the public. Bringing them a little joy or even making them disconnect from their day to day life. Or the fact that they relate and identify with what I do. It’s a virtue that one enjoys their work, I don’t feel it as such. When I’m on the set I feel full,” said Marta González, who shares scenes alongside figures such as Raymond Pozo, Miguel Céspedes, Cheddy García, among others.

“I have had to face great challenges: leaving my family, my country, alone, confronting situations and realities that are practically unknown. Many falls, frustrations, deceptions. The language barrier for the Anglo-Saxon market, or the issue of the neutral accent to work in the Latin market when I started in 2008. Postponing the issue of motherhood by prioritizing my career,” says Marta, who resides in Miami and was part of the 4th season of the famous CW series “Dynasty”, which airs on Netflix.

“I think every actor is different. And each one will have his or her stamp. As in every profession there are people who give 90, 85, 50%. I give my 100%. As an actress I can be versatile and play countless characters. But as a person? As a human being I am unique. There may be other young, beautiful women with different qualities, but with my DNA, only me, no one can take that away from me,” said the actress who was at John Travolta’s side in The Fanatic.

Professional on all four sides, Marta affirms: “There are things that don’t depend on me and that I can’t control. It’s up to me to prepare myself and give 100% in my auditions. I just have to trust in my ability and be myself,” she says.

Marta González and Kenny Grullón in Líos de familia (Photo served)
The Dominican actress has participated in Televisa, Telemundo and Univision soap operas such as “Mi Corazón es Tuyo”, “Hasta el Fin del Mundo”, “Eva Luna”, “Alguien te Mira”, “La Mujer del Vendaval”, among many others. He is currently a spokesperson for brands such as Volkswagen and Publix in the United States.

Pantaya, a Spanish-language film and series streaming platform, joins forces with Dominican Republic-based production company Caribbean Films, announcing its first original series “Líos de Familia”. The series marks the companies’ first co-production and brings together some of the country’s most talented actors and filmmakers.

Lios de Familia will premiere on February 3rd on Pantaya in the US and Puerto Rico, and in March of this year the movie Flow Calle, an executive production of Caribbean Films, where Marta Gonzalez plays “Mabel” the villain of the story. The cast includes stars such as Farina, Clarissa Molina, Celinés Toribio, Lincoln Palomeque, Zion, Shalim Ortiz, among others.

“Líos de Familia” is executive produced by James McNamara and Anjanette Delgado for “Pantaya” and Gregory Quinn and Zumaya Cordero for “Caribbean Films”.

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