Indotel looks ahead to 2021, with 5G as a highlight

“The 5G mobile network service will impact the Dominican Republic’s industry, technology, commerce, construction and other productive sectors,” said the president of the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel), Nelson Arroyo.

The official explained that 5G in the country began to become a reality with the public bidding of the radio spectrum band, with a view to allocating it for the use of the 5G network.

At the beginning of December, Indotel announced the official launch of the 5G service in the Dominican Republic, the third country in Latin America and the first in the Caribbean to have this technology.

While taking stock of the Institute’s achievements during 2021, Arroyo highlighted that the first stage of the 5G Mobile Network, which includes coverage in 29 sectors of the National District, was presented by the telecommunications company Claro during a visit to the National Palace.

Likewise, the official expressed that this institution closes this year advancing in its agenda of promoting connectivity and achieving improvements in the processes with the users of public telecommunications services.

“Indotel closes in a good moment. We have managed to tender the bands where the 5G will operate, which will make us one of the countries at the forefront of telecommunications in Latin America,” he said when interviewed by journalist Moisés González of the digital newspaper Despertar Nacional.

Arroyo also highlighted the progress of the plan to implement Digital Terrestrial Television by 2022, as well as the National Broadband Plan.

“We have made significant progress in the plan to implement Digital Terrestrial Television next year and we have also taken steps to carry out the National Broadband Plan which will allow us to improve the networks and infrastructure throughout the Dominican Republic,” he said.

Arroyo said that with the project “Connecting the unconnected”, another Indotel initiative, the aim is to provide access and connectivity to broadband, with minimum speeds of 10 megabytes per second to various remote areas of the country.


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