Beryl: How close is the hurricane to the DR?

The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) reported Monday that Hurricane Beryl is at a distance of 1130 km southeast of Saona Island (La Romana) and about 1270 km southeast of Punta Palenque (San Cristóbal).

“At 7:00 a.m., today, Monday, Hurricane Beryl was located near latitude 11.7 north and longitude 60.4 west, that is, about 200 km south/southeast of St. Kitts,” said Onamet.

It added that the atmospheric phenomenon is moving westward at about 31 kph, and is forecast to move rapidly and continuously westward and then west/northwestward over the next few days.

“The forecast track indicates that Beryl is likely to cross through the Lesser Antilles this morning, then is expected to transit the waters of the central Caribbean from today through Wednesday, July 3,” it said.

The Onamet added that Beryl’s maximum sustained winds have decreased to 195 kph with higher wind gusts, remaining an intense category 3 hurricane. “Hurricane-intensity winds extend about 55 km from its center, while storm-intensity winds extend about 205 km,” it said.

“If Beryl continues with its current movement and follows its trajectory as predicted by the numerical models, the center of this hurricane would be located on Tuesday morning approximately 370 km south/southeast of Saona Island and 450 km south-southeast of Santo Domingo,” the institution said.

It also reported that from Tuesday morning, the swell will progressively become dangerous throughout the southern coastal area, expecting waves that could exceed 15 feet high with frequent breakers, this at the time that Beryl approaches the meridian of the Dominican Republic, so some coastal marine penetrations in low areas are not ruled out.

“The estimated minimum central pressure was about 965 millibars,” Onamet communicated.

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