Living the Noom, new sustainable tourism project in Miches

The innovative tourism project Living the Noom, a pioneer under the concept of “nature included” is the success story to be presented by the architects and developers of Grupo NX6, on Thursday, November 23 in the Kennedy Room of the Real Inter Continental hotel.

The project arrives in Miches, Dominican Republic as a new proposal that will set the tone for all the other developments that make up the Maralda megaproject, according to a press release.

At the conference “Sustainable architecture for the development of new tourist centers,” architects Rubén Pedrajo Canseco and Víctor Sanz Pont will explore innovative strategies in the construction of sustainable environments that have been successfully implemented in Cancun and Tulum, Mexico. It is aimed at leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and enthusiasts of design, architecture and the development of new tourism poles.

Exhibitors will also share best practices in sustainable architecture and the vision behind this project that is built in harmony with nature according to their own personal ideals and values.

Motivated by their own non-conformity to generic projects that lack environmental awareness, the experts will walk through topics such as green technologies, efficient use of resources, maximizing energy efficiency and creating living spaces that can coexist with the environment.

“It’s an organic, visionary concept that seeks wellness, trying to create something uniquely radical. It is the evolution of a more natural way of life, returning to our endemic origins of tribe and community,'” Pedrajo Canseco noted.

For his part, Sanz said that promoting sustainable architecture is a mandate of the present for the next generations.

“We must find a true balance and equilibrium between creating an innovative real estate product, the value we offer, and the business we seek. Equally create truly sustainable projects and be proud of our legacy and what we leave to our children,” he said.

The event seeks to encourage awareness of the importance of taking on real estate projects with a sustainable vision, and to generate an invaluable and enriching opportunity to acquire knowledge, exchange ideas and connect with professionals committed to the sustainable development of new tourist centers through sustainable architecture.

Source: Arecoa

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