What most real estate agents will never tell you

Invest and get your Dominican Permanent Residence to live legally

Let’s be clear, the goal of a real estate agent is nothing more or less than to find the right property for you in order to get a commission on the sale.

It all starts with a dream

Imagine, you arrive in the Dominican Republic for the first time, you have a love at first sight, you look at the windows of the real estate agencies then you enter to inform you a little about the possibilities of investing. And there you are told that everything is possible here, that there are no problems, that you can buy with your passport (it’s true), that you don’t have to be a resident to enter and leave the country (it’s true). That you only have to pay a small fine if you stay more than 3 months in the country, when you leave (true) and because everyone has always done it that way (false).

On the other hand, what most real estate agents will never tell you is that from an investment of 200,000 US$, you and your family have access to the Permanent Residence, that is to say your identity documents in the Dominican Republic that prove your legality on the territory… Why don’t they tell you this? Simply because they don’t know how to do it but especially because it takes a minimum of 6 months for this procedure and the objective of the real estate agent is to make you buy immediately.

This being said, and as is often the case when making an important decision, there are two ways to do things: quickly without thinking too much or by sitting down and doing things in the right order, that is to say, by looking at all the possibilities that are currently available to you.

The Dominican government opens its doors to you

If the Dominican government offers you legal possibilities to enter the country (Retiree Visa, Rentier Visa, Investor Visa, Family Reunion Visa, among others) to settle down seriously, then you might as well take advantage of it. Because if becoming a homeowner legally with a passport is a reality; living legally in the Dominican Republic is another. Indeed, you can be the owner of your land, your house, your apartment, with a real and internationally recognized property title, but that does not make you a legal resident.

To live legally in the Dominican Republic, you must obtain a Dominican Residency. This allows you to enter and leave the country whenever you want, without time constraints, without having to pay fines.

The Dominican Residency also gives you access to the Cédula, that is to say your national identity card, which allows you to open contracts with telephone companies, electricity, etc., in short to be recognized as a person in good standing in the territory.

But above all, this Dominican Residency allows you to transfer your driver’s license from your country of origin to a Dominican driver’s license. Because if you believe to use your personal driving license, from your country of origin in Dominican Republic, know that it is valid only for a maximum duration of 3 months and with the status of tourist, not more. After 3 months, if you have an accident, it can have serious consequences.

How many owners in the Dominican Republic, of foreign origin, contact me to ask for help to obtain their Dominican Residency when they have already bought their property? It is normal, once the love at first sight is over, the day to day reality begins to take shape when it is necessary to begin to present one’s Cédula to such organization or such administration.

Even if the Dominican government tolerates certain situations for the moment with the possibility of paying fines, nothing says that in the future things can change and that the presentation of the Residence or the Cédula will be an obligation at all levels. At the same time, the possibilities of obtaining the Dominican Residency exist and are varied, just like naturalization, so there is no excuse.

My proposal

I am also a real estate agent and I work with the most important groups, builders and promoters of real estate projects currently in progress in Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Las Terrenas and Puerto Plata. Our common objective is to make a success of your investment and your installation in all legality in Dominican Republic. With us, you can reserve your villa, your apartment, while having the time to prepare your Permanent Residence Card.

We prepare your Investor Visa with your future purchase, in order to obtain your Dominican Permanent Residence for you and your family. In 6 months you will obtain the legality on the Dominican territory and will be free to come and go as you please, without having to pay any fine and especially without asking any questions.

From the beginning you will have made the right choice; that of living quietly with access to all private and public services without restriction.

For those who do not have the possibility to invest, you can still apply for the Retired Visa, the Rentier Visa and the Family Reunion Visa if you have been married to a Dominican for more than 6 months.

By Sylvain Maufrais, VisasGo! & Agiredom

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