Government begins transfer of Christmas Bonus today

In an act headed by the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, and the general director of the Supérate program, Gloria Reyes, the Government began the delivery of the Bono Navideño Digital, which will be distributed to 500,000 Dominicans, through “Tu Efectivo”, with an amount of 1,500 pesos each.

The beneficiaries who have been selected from the database of eligible households of the Single System of Beneficiaries (Siuben), prioritizing families in extreme poverty that are located in the ICV-1 category; through the portal:, as well as through social operations carried out throughout the national territory, will receive from today a 06-digit code via SMS (Text Message) to their phone number and will be able to go to any of the ATMs or Banreservas Subagents.

The Vice President of the Republic, while addressing those present, said that “really, this launching of the voucher is just one of the special elements of La Brisita. President Luis Abinader wishes that all Dominicans can enjoy in peace, with great joy and with all their loved ones this beautiful time to celebrate Christmas,” she said.

Gloria Reyes, director of the social assistance and protection entity, said that the government of President Abinader has turned the Christmas breeze into support for the most vulnerable families, betting that the joy, the tradition we have and the spirit of sharing, reach everyone equally.

“This year the president instructed to reach two million five hundred thousand (2,500,000) households with the Christmas Bonus. Thus, together with the different activities that will be carried out to reach all families, we are guaranteeing that wherever there is a Dominican in our country, Christmas will arrive,” said Reyes.

She also explained that in order to receive the Christmas Bonus, users must earn a salary of less than RD 29,999.00 and must be Dominican citizens residing in the national territory and be holders of an identity and voter’s card.

The launching ceremony took place during a lunch programmed for some 400 families and community members of the area, at the Pueblo Nuevo club, in the city of Santiago. The officials then moved on to other similar events in the Pekin and Cienfuegos neighborhoods of the locality.

For the delivery of the Bono Navideño, priority has been given to people who are in a situation of poverty, vulnerability, unemployment, as well as those who face a situation of dependency. In addition, geographical location will be considered, favoring the regions of the country with the highest poverty rates both in monetary and multidimensional terms.

The event was attended by Rosa Santos, governor of Santiago; Ulises Rodríguez, director of the Center for Industrial Development and Competitiveness (ProIndustria); Andrés Cueto, general manager of Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Norte S.A. (Edenorte); Luz Estrella, deputy administrative and financial director of Comedores Económicos; Lucildo Gómez, deputy director of Press of the Presidency in Santiago and Wailly Lewis, deputy director of Social Protection of Supérate.

Access, consultation and withdrawal of the Christmas Bonus “Tu Efectivo”.

The first step to withdraw the Christmas Bonus is to access the digital platform to register personal data; if qualified for the subsidy, the beneficiary will receive a message with a six-digit code, via SMS on his/her cell phone to, finally, make the withdrawal at Banco de Reservas ATMs, and sub-agents of the bank nationwide. It is not necessary to have a physical card, nor to be a client of the bank.

The Bono Navideño is an economic support for eligible households, with the purpose of complementing the resources destined to the purchase of food, under the component of food security, it is an unconditional monetary transfer of a single payment.



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