Law approving driver’s licenses between DR and New York enacted

The governor of New York, Kathy Hochul; the president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader; and New York Senator Luis Sepúlveda signed this Sunday the Law S4329A that homologates the issuance of driver’s licenses between New York and the Dominican Republic.

With the signing of this historic law, Dominican citizens who have a valid driver’s license in the Dominican Republic will be able to obtain a license in New York only by paying the established fee, without the need to take the driver’s test. The same will happen in the future with drivers who have a New York license in the Dominican Republic.

President Abinader expressed his appreciation for the legislative proceedings and Governor Hochul for her support in the enactment of the bill.

“I want to thank our governor of the State of New York for this signature that is going to allow Dominicans, both here and in the Dominican Republic, to be able to use the personal license without having to go through any homologation procedure. So thank you very much, this is part of the foundation that we Dominicans are having. Also to Senator Sepúlveda, who helped us in this process,” said Abinader.

A press release from the New York Senate states that “this unprecedented legislative achievement solidifies the establishment of driver’s license reciprocity agreements between the State of New York and the Dominican Republic, marking a significant step towards strengthening mutual recognition and cooperation.”

Bill S4329A, sponsored by Senator Sepulveda, Assemblymen Phil Ramos and Manny de los Santos, represents a crucial step forward in the recognition and exchange of valid driver’s licenses between jurisdictions.

The law empowers the commissioner of motor vehicles to forge agreements to ensure that license holders from the Dominican Republic meet the same rigorous standards and adhere to the same regulations as New York State driver’s license holders.

“This historic achievement was made possible by the invaluable involvement of partners in the government of the Dominican Republic, including the critical efforts of Dominican Senator Alexis Victoria Yeb. Her dedication has paved the way for a groundbreaking agreement that directly benefits the lives of Dominicans in New York,” expressed Sepúlveda.


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