Minister of Tourism inaugurates reconstruction of road infrastructure in Las Terrenas, Samaná

Las Terrenas, Samaná. The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, inaugurated this Wednesday the reconstruction of the road infrastructure in this municipality, with an investment of more than forty-eight million pesos, thus strengthening the destination.

The project consists of the reconstruction of 6 road axes with a total length of 2.38 kilometers, with a variable width; divided into four zones within the municipality of Las Terrenas, in the area of Abra Grande, La Playa, El Centro and Pueblo de los Pescadores.

Minister Collado said that these works are a ratification of his commitment to continue promoting and improving the tourist destination of Samaná.

“These interventions were a long-standing claim of the residents of Las Terrena, but it is also a contribution to continue strengthening this impressive and paradisiacal destination of Samaná,” said Collado.

Among the scope of the works are the recovery of the road structure, placement of asphalt wearing course, construction of 900 square meters of sidewalk; 1,200 linear meters of concrete curbs.

Also, 4,000 linear meters of ditches for the correct flow of water; in addition, creation of a storm drainage system, horizontal and vertical signaling, and road cleaning.

The work was carried out by the Executing Committee for Infrastructure in Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR), for a total amount of DR$48,283,610.20.

Interventions details

Abra Grande – Emilio Prud’Homme entrance street, consists of the reconstruction of a connecting axis between 27 de Febrero and the main road of the zone; with a length of 234.00 linear meters and a width of 6.00 meters. Loma Francoise, a connecting axis from Salomé Ureña Street; with a length of 230.00 linear meters and a width of 5.50 meters.

Meanwhile, Hispaniola and Italia streets comprise 3 road axes. The main axis called Hispaniola, with a length of 274 linear meters and a width of 5.00 meters, while Italia is a connecting road from Francisco Camaño Deño to the communities in the area, with a length of 250 linear meters and a width of 5.00 meters.

It consists of the reconstruction of a road axis, with a length of 348 linear meters and a width of 6.00 meters.

In the area of Pueblo de los Pescadores, the streets Antonio el Español and Del Brache, with a length of 337.0 linear meters and a width of 5.00 meters and 680 linear meters and a width of 4.50 meters, respectively.

Another road is Colibrí Street, which will comprise 5 road axes. The main axis called Maricó Avenue with a length of 648 linear meters. All with an average width of 4.50 meters.


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