PUCMM and ADOMPRETUR sign training agreement for the tourism media

The Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) through the Escuela de Turismo y Gastronomía (ETG) and the Asociación Dominicana de Prensa Turística (ADOMPRETUR) Santiago branch, signed an inter-institutional collaboration agreement for the implementation of teaching, education and training programs for members of the association in the areas of hospitality, tourism and gastronomy.

The agreement will favor the development of the tourism industry and aims to open opportunities for young people with a desire for progress, generating in future professionals an interest in sustainability, tourism and the development of society through education.

It will also have a positive impact on the development and training of journalism professionals focused on the diffusion of the tourism and gastronomy industry, as well as on the projection of relevant news in the area, promoting the importance of the tourism sector in general.

The agreement was signed by Reverend Father Dr. Secilio Espinal, Rector Magnificent of the PUCMM and journalist Gladialisa Pereyra, General Secretary of ADOMPRETUR, who committed to develop and publicize the development of the tourism industry through projects, initiatives and collaborations generated by the Higher Education platform and the PUCMM for the benefit of the sector in the country.

The rector of the PUCMM thanked the availability and confidence of ADOMPRETUR deposited in the academy to undertake paths together to promote and strengthen everything related to tourism in the Dominican Republic, the main axis in terms of economy, services and projection as a country brand.

Reverend Espinal said that “it is very pertinent and relevant to promote hospitality, gastronomy, and tourism in general, as a tourist press and also with the PUCMM with the ingredient of excellence and quality training to provide human resources that the sector demands”.

The father stressed that the academy reaffirms its commitment to continue strengthening and offering quality education and excellence by providing support to ADOMPRETUR in all training dimensions so that tourism journalists can address these issues in a technical and professional manner.

Journalist Pereyra, secretary of ADOMPRETUR, Santiago, shared the origin of the entity, and understanding that tourism is a fundamental industry for the economic and social development of the region, recognizing the importance of having highly trained professionals hand in hand with the academy.

Pereyra affirmed that “with this agreement between both institutions, we will jointly respond to the demands of society, which requires a better performance of the press, training communication professionals and transmitting the culture of excellence that is characteristic of this academy.

The entities indicated that they are committed to make every effort to voluntarily offer courses, workshops and online, on-site or hybrid training for the members of the association.

ADOMPRETUR will be in charge of the selection of the members who will eventually receive courses from the PUCMM starting this year 2023, which commits to act as a facilitator of management and voluntary incentive of this unprecedented project for the tourism sector and the journalism profession.

In addition, they will support as an intermediary to establish contact links between the University and the tourism sector guild, will serve as a means of dissemination of the most relevant activities and events of the year, projects and research carried out by the academy, as well as support in tourism research projects that it undertakes.

At the signing ceremony of this alliance which took place on Tuesday, August 1, in the meeting room of the rectory, on the Santiago Campus, Dr. Iluminada Severino, vice rector of Administration and Finance, Professor Julissa Pichardo, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Professor Kenia Rodríguez, director of the School of Tourism and Gastronomy and Professor Cristina Núñez, professor of the school, were present on behalf of the PUCMM.

On behalf of ADOMPRETUR, journalists Juana Cabrera, elected secretary general and Franklin Silverio, secretary of Education.

Source: elcentineladigital.com

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