General Directorate of Customs celebrates “National Youth Day”

The Directorate General of Customs (DGA) held the second meeting with the slogan “Transformation”, in which 540 young graduates of the “DGA Internship” program participated, a space that has provided opportunities for university students, from all over the country, to acquire a solid foundation in the workplace and develop their professional skills.

The DGA, within the framework of National Youth Day, took advantage of the occasion to follow up on the young people from the different provinces of the country who have participated in the “Internship” experience, an initiative that reflects the growth of the new generations and which will also serve them in their careers, whether in the public or private sector.

The Director General of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, said: “we believe in the potential of Dominican youth and we have always felt committed to providing opportunities for growth and professional development to young people like you, your fresh ideas and innovative perspectives have been essential for the modernization and effective transformation of the Dominican Customs”.

Likewise, the head of the DGA encouraged them to continue nurturing their knowledge, to continue training, since continuing education is key in a world in constant evolution and this, in turn, will be an invaluable asset in their working life.

Throughout the 3 years of the program, 104 young people have been hired by Customs for their merits, including people with disabilities, since inclusion and equity are a fundamental axis within the entity.

During the event, Amada Méndez, manager of Human Resources, made a motivational call to the young people present to listen to their inner voice. “Do not stop sharing your ideas and who you are, until you become the best version of yourself”.

Panel “How the internship transformed me”

During the activity, the panel “How Internship Transformed Me” was held, moderated by Martelli Canaán, coordinator of the Internship program and Laura Gil, in charge of Training and Personal Development.

On their side, the graduates, José Batista, Sergio Florentino and Karla Casimiro, agreed separately that the DGA transformed them into more tolerant, persistent, confident and prudent people, to achieve their goals and be remembered for their work.

“Today we are people with greater confidence, discretion, tolerance, love and dedication to work, thanks to the DGA. This experience transformed us by highlighting the development of our soft skills as people,” said the graduates.

Talk “Transforming my finances”

The graduates received the talk “Transforming my finances”, where the coach Pamela Pichardo, shared advice on the management of this issue, “because it is important to plan for economic prosperity”, among other recommendations.


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