Technology Introduced to Diagnose Leukemia

During a luncheon-conference held at the El Embajador hotel, executives from Referencia Laboratorio Clínico introduced the new diagnostic methodology “Flow Cytometry”, which allows differentiating cancerous cells from normal cells.

With this new technology it is possible to help establish an accurate diagnosis, prognosis and the most adequate treatment for hematological neoplasia, which are cancers that start in the blood-forming tissue such as leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

The technical director of Referencia, Dr. Mauro Barrantes, highlighted that this methodology constitutes a very significant advance for the area of medicine in the Dominican Republic.

The specialist said that with Flow Cytometry, progress is being made towards the development of personalized precision medicine in cancer patients, because this means that their medical attention is based on their specific disease, reducing adverse effects.


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