Asonahores and INAIPI join forces in favor of child care in the hotel sector

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the DR (Asonahores) and the National Institute of Integral Attention to Early Childhood (INAIPI) will work to install CAIPI centers for the integral care and development of children from 45 days old to 5 years of age, who are children or dependents of employees of the tourism and hotel sector.

This was established in an inter-institutional agreement signed by David Llibre, president of Asonahores and Besaida Manola Santana, executive director of INAIPI, through which they commit to develop a pilot plan, the results of which will be measurable and will serve as a reference for future projects.

As part of the agreement, Asonahores is committed to promote the construction and installation of the CAIPI centers to benefit the children of employees in the tourism and hotel sector.

In addition, it will act as liaison between INAIPI and the Tourism and Hotel sector for the installation of childcare centers in tourist areas, as well as to promote studies and surveys of the population of children dependent on the employees of the sector.

It will also carry out training sessions jointly with INAIPI for the employees of the hotels and tourism companies members of Asonahores, according to a press release.

It should be noted that, in case of availability in the capacity of the centers built under the modality established in the agreement, these spaces will be given to the children of the neighboring communities, who live in conditions of vulnerability.

Meanwhile, INAIPI commits to provide the services of Integral Attention through Service Centers to children from 45 days old to 5 years old.

INAIPI is also committed to equip the CAIPIs that are installed under the agreement with Asonahores with the necessary didactic materials.

Likewise, it must provide the necessary human capital to provide comprehensive care services and care for children enrolled in the CAIPI, including but not limited to teaching staff and quality support.

Another commitment of INAIPI includes providing food, whether prepared or raw, as well as the supply of ingredients and materials for food preparation in the CAIPIs.

In addition, it must pay for the services necessary for the operation of the new CAIPIs, as well as carry out a training program for the personnel working in the day care centers and provide transportation services for the children enrolled in the centers.

The signing of the agreement was attended by Paola Rainieri, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Grupo Puntcana and Carlos Andrés Peguero, Vice Minister of Tourism for International Cooperation.

It is recalled that the agreement is a desire of President Luis Abinader, who together with Asonahores and INAIPI seek to ensure the welfare of employees and their families in the tourism and hotel sector of the country and, therefore, of the children who are dependent on them.



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