Libra Group’s luxury hotel chain plans to land in the DR

During a brief visit to the country, which lasted a little more than 48 hours, George Logothetis, executive president of the multinational Libra Group, highlighted the economic, political and social stability and the potential of the DR for foreign investment, particularly in industries such as aerospace, hospitality and renewable energies.

Invited by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, Logothetis arrived in the country with the intention of knowing first hand the different social and economic sectors in which, from Libra Group, could promote and lead initiatives that impact positively in the fast socioeconomic development that the country has been registering during the last years.

Logothethis assured that he has fallen in love with the DR, its people and its goodness, for which he finds in the country the ideal scenario for the development of projects such as Aria Hotels, the luxury hotel chain of Libra Group which has more than 70 hotels, only in Greece, and presence in the United States.

He explained that for the development of the same, the company will send an entourage to the country, coming from Greece, with the purpose of identifying areas for the possible development of the hotel projects of the chain. “I had to come first, confirm and authorize the team from Greece to come to the country… They are very excited”….

But Aria Hotels is just the beginning of what could become the gateway for aerospace projects to national territory. “Don’t look at Aria Hotels as just a hospitality project,” he added.

He indicated that “Aria could be the conduit to bring electric airplanes to the country”, and detailed, when referring to the possibility of bringing to the country the air cabs used by the hotel chain for the interconnectivity of its branches in Greece.

“I discussed it with the president, and he commented to me that work has already begun to bring these aerotaxis to the country,” he added.

“We have been evaluating certain aspects during our visit. Specifically, one of those is that we expect to soon announce the start of one of our renewable energy projects, through one of our companies with presence in Latin America called Greenwood Energy,” the businessman revealed, while saying that they expect to officially announce the construction of energy projects in national territory by January 2024.

However, although the businessman arrived in the country after being invited by the Dominican President, he assures that during the last six months he has been working closely with Greenwood Energy personnel, who are in national territory to identify possible business areas for the implementation of solar parks and the development of projects within the hospitality industry.

“We have had someone working on Dominican soil for the last six months, someone from the Greenwood Energy team, which is one of the projects we are looking to implement in the country and which I hope will lead to many more solar projects,” he said.

According to the businessman’s statements, the DR’s potential is diverse, so he sees opportunity for development and expansion of Libra Group’s portfolio “definitely in renewable energies and hospitality”.

However, he does not rule out the potential for investment in other areas such as the aerospace sector, for which, according to Listín Diario, he has already started conversations with the president and other local authorities.


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