Banesco receives international innovation award for its chatbot DANI

Banesco Banco Múltiple received international recognition for having the most innovative solution in Latin America with its virtual assistant DANI, which uses the artificial intelligence tool The award took place in Florida, at a conference organized by the company for its clients.

DANI is the first intelligent chatbot in the Dominican Republic to enable transactions via WhatsApp, allowing Banesco customers to make credit card payments and multi-credit installments, as well as activate and block cards, make multi-credit disbursements and issue account statements instantly. This service channel contains an interactive navigation through buttons and a list of options that facilitates the experience for customers and at the same time streamlines banking processes by reducing the time of procedures and avoiding physical travel.

“In recent years we have been constantly evolving in the search to optimize our customer service channels, and we currently have a 97% level of user satisfaction with the DANI platform. I consider that this international recognition confirms that we are going in the right direction in terms of innovation with respect to the local financial market”, said María Clara Alviárez, Executive President of Banesco.

Daniel García,’s representative in Latin America, explained that the award was based on an evaluation of more than 400 of the company’s clients worldwide and that only 10 projects were awarded, including Banesco Dominican Republic, which won the prize for the most innovative solution in the region. The award was received on behalf of the financial institution by Marinés Holguín, Transformation Manager, and Julio Tirado, Data Management Manager.

This event brought together experts in experience optimization from all industries in their goal of developing increasingly efficient products for the benefit of their customers and end users.

Banesco reiterated its commitment to continue offering satisfactory experiences to its customers thanks to the deployment of a robust transformation plan.

About Banesco Banco Múltiple

Banesco Banco Múltiple began operations in 2011 in the Dominican Republic, with a presence in Santo Domingo, Santiago and Bávaro. It currently offers its customers a variety of products and services, both financial and non-financial. At the end of the first quarter of 2023, Banesco had RD$45,098 million in assets, RD$33,079 million in deposits, RD$21,724 million in loan portfolio and RD$2,867 million in equity.


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