Dominican history to be taken to the neighborhoods with diploma courses

A civic education program developed by the Ministry of Interior and Police and the General Archive of the Nation (AGN) will bring Dominican history to the neighborhoods through diploma courses, workshops, conferences, talks and documentaries. The agreement includes a Naturalization Registration System.

The agreement, signed by Minister Jesús Vásquez Martínez and his counterpart, Roberto Cassá, director of the AGN, establishes that the AGN will provide the materials to transform the neighborhoods through the knowledge of the events that marked the country and authorizes the use of bibliography and other documentation in the activities.

On the other hand, the registry will simplify the exchange of information between both entities, will reduce the response time to users in relation to the archives in custody, by digitizing and safeguarding the files submitted to the ministry, as well as offering advice on matters related to archiving and the correct storage of data.

The Minister explained that they are focusing on the intervened areas for the training and recognized the importance of the pact because it represents the historical memory of the Dominican Republic.

He said that through the Ministry’s programs, they fulfill the purpose of returning values to the neighborhoods and communities, so that children and young people have a better chance in the professional, sports and cultural fields.

He said that he values working in collaboration with an institution of respect and transcendence such as the General Archive of the Nation and hopes to always count on its collaboration in the effort in everything concerning the collective good of the country.

Meanwhile, Cassá highlighted the importance of the agreement and the support to the educational program of the ministry, because it is part of the institutional purposes.

He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to bring the culture and history of the Dominicans to all sectors and affirmed that the joint work between the two institutions will set a good precedent in the life of every citizen.

José Manuel Rosario, Vice Minister of Migratory Management and Naturalization, and José Vilchez, Deputy Director of the Archive, participated in the activity.


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