Dominican Theater to showcase its talent at FITE DR 2023

Twelve national companies, groups and collectives will participate in the XI International Theater Festival (FITE DR 2023), to be held in Santiago de los Caballeros from October 20 to 30.

Along with them, four official companies will participate and during those ten days they will put on stage all the talent, creativity, professionalism and passion of Dominican theatrical artists.

One of the productions on the bill is “Cambumbo”, a vaudeville directed by Ramón Santana, with dramaturgy and production by Franklin Soto.

Coturno Teatro will present “El panfleto”, by North American director and playwright Edward Morgan. It is a drama directed by Danilo Rodríguez and produced by Edward Morgan himself.

Orestiada Teatro will offer the monologue “Esperando a Odiseo” (Waiting for Odysseus), directed by Raúl Martín Ríos. Alberto Pedro is in charge of the dramaturgy and Orestes Amador produces it.

Meanwhile, tragic drama will be staged by Teatro Evangelina with “Andrea Evangelina”, a play directed by Ruth Emeterio, with dramaturgy and production by Chiqui Vicioso.

The play “La abuela del escorpión” will be presented with direction and dramaturgy by Manuel Chapuseaux and production by Canek Denis.

Haffe Serulle is also responsible for the dramaturgy and direction of “Intruso”, produced by Gerald Duluc.

The public will also be able to enjoy at FITE DR 2023 “Las cosas extraordinarias”, by Producciones Raúl Méndez, directed by Ismanuel Rodríguez, dramaturgy by Duncan MacMillan and produced by Raúl Méndez.

Theater lovers will also have the opportunity to see “Pasquín”, a comedy directed by Miguel Espinoza and Francisco Noulibos, produced by Teatro Utopía.

“Pinocchio”, by Teatro Guloya, is another of the options offered by the FITE DR 2023 billboard. It is a dramatic comedy for adults, with direction and dramaturgy by Claudio Rivera and production by Viena González.

The drama “Quemando”, directed by Carlos Castro, who is also responsible for dramaturgy and production, will also be presented.

Among the national productions, “Ajonjolí” will also be staged by Teatro PiedePuente, with direction and dramaturgy by Rafael Curci.

Likewise, family audiences will be able to see “Para subir al cielo se necesita…”, directed by Lucina Edith Jiménez, dramaturgy by Esther Suárez and produced by Anacaona Teatro.

The National Theater Company will also perform “El último personaje de Cecilia B.” and “Makandal”.

Also on stage will be “El médico a palos” and “El hijo del sol: la historia de un principito”, which will be performed by Teatro Rodante Dominicano.

In addition, the public will be able to enjoy “ro.TO” (dance-theater), by the Compañía Nacional de Danza Contemporánea, and “Tiempo de vivir”, a farce by the Teatro Popular del Centro (Centro Cultural Ercilia Pepín), directed by Jorge Socarrás, with dramaturgy by Norberto Pablo Reyes Blázquez and production by José León.

The complete billboard is available on the Ministry of Culture’s website (


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