Opret intensifies construction of the Metro to Los Alcarrizos

The Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (Opret) announced significant progress in the construction of Line 2C of the Santo Domingo Metro. A new access portal to the 920-meter tunnel that will link the approximately 6.5-kilometer viaduct (also under construction), coming from Los Alcarrizos, with the María Montez station of Line 2, is at the completion stage.

This second portal is strategically located only 250 meters from the María Montez station, specifically in Villa Marina de Herrera, Santo Domingo Oeste. With the vision of making the construction of the tunnel more efficient, this portal will allow simultaneous operations on three fronts, with the first one already in operation from Enriquillo de Herrera. This tactic guarantees the completion of this segment and is projected to be completed by December of this year. Of the total 920 meters that make up the tunnel, approximately 60% has already been excavated.

With an access ramp 93 meters long and 7 meters wide, this new portal will facilitate the incorporation of a second TBM and the trucks that will remove the material excavated in the process, thus improving construction efficiency. Once the civil phase of the tunnel is completed, scheduled for December, this portal will be crucial for the introduction of the rails to mark the beginning of the electromechanical phase of the project.

Backed by the vision of President Luis Abinader’s government, Opret reaffirms its commitment to carry out this work with the highest quality and efficiency, with the objective of improving the quality of life of citizens in the shortest possible time.

About the project

The work, under the responsibility of the Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (Opret), is expected to be inaugurated in the second quarter of 2024 and covers a 7.3 kilometer stretch along with the construction of five stations that will form part of the integrated transportation system Metro – Cable Car of Santo Domingo.

This new extension of Line 2 (called 2C) will decongest traffic from Los Alcarrizos to Kilometer 9 (María Montez Station), by means of an adjacent marginal road that will accompany the viaduct, to convert the section from Los Alcarrizos to Kilometer 9 into an express line that will allow travelers from the Cibao to have quick access to the capital.

The project includes the improvement of the roads adjacent to the marginal road to improve the flow of vehicles in the area.

Thanks to this initiative, road safety will be increased, congestion will be reduced at Kilometer 9 of the Duarte highway, and there will be a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions and air pollution.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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