A building for the School of Fine Arts and Culture in La vega

As part of the policies of democratization and enhancement of the national cultural heritage, the Ministry of Culture is committed to refurbishing the building that for decades housed the emblematic Casino Incorporado, in La Vega, in the north of the Dominican Republic, and will convert it into a School of Fine Arts and a House of Culture.

This action constitutes a milestone in Dominican cultural history, as it is the first time that the School of Fine Arts of La Vega will be housed in its own premises, which was acquired by donation.

The building is a structure of great patrimonial value, with almost a century of history linked to national art and literature, explained the Minister of Culture, Carmen Heredia de Guerrero, in a press release.

The space will be transformed into a center for the formation and diffusion of arts and culture for the benefit not only of La Vega, but also of the entire Cibao region.

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