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The Dominican Republic is positioning itself strongly at Ventana Sur, the most important film market in Latin America. Headed by Marianna Vargas Gurilieva, general director of the General Directorate of Cinema (DGCINE), the Dominican delegation will carry out a series of activities to highlight the country as a filming destination and co-production partner. The participation will include panels, co-production rounds, participation as a jury in the ”First Cut” section and support for Dominican talents present at this outstanding international event.

The delegation is made up of producers and directors of projects selected for the prestigious ”Final Copy” section of the audiovisual market. Among them, Tanya Valette, producer of the film “Pepe”, by director Nelson Carlo De los Santos Arias, as well as José María Cabral, producer and director of “Tiguere”. Also, we highlight the presence in the Animation section of Jeremy García, with “Green House”, Fabiola Rosso, with “Nerea”, and Joery Santos, with “A-Isha”.

This Dominican representation has arrived in Argentina backed by the valuable collaboration of the Dominican airline Arajet, thus becoming a strategic ally for the promotion of the national film culture.

Dominican participation in Ventana Sur

Signing of INCAA’s declaration of intent and understanding:

The General Directorate of Cinema (DGCINE) and the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) of Argentina, will sign a ”Declaration of Intent and Understanding”, with a view to formalizing an agreement that promotes co-production between the two countries. The document aims to lay the groundwork for the agreement between the Dominican Republic and Argentina, which will seek to foster co-productions and build international relations for the promotion of audiovisuals between the nations.

Panel: The Filming Industry and Technical Training

Marianna Vargas Gurilieva, general director of the General Directorate of Cinema (DGCINE) will participate in the Panel ”The filming industry and technical training”, where she will discuss with other experts on how to correct the deficit of skilled labor and equipment to meet the huge demand for production of audiovisual content.

The director will share in her presentation the best practices implemented by the country to respond to the needs of education and training of local talent, highlighting the Dominican Republic’s Human Capital strategy, based on the Human Capital Sector Survey, which is conducted annually by the DGCINE.

The panel, organized by the Spain Film Commission (SFC) and the Latin American Training Center (LATC), will include, in addition to Marianna Vargas Gurilieva, director general of the General Directorate of Cinema (DGCINE), Ignacio Rey, president of the Ibero-American Federation of Audiovisual Producers (FIPCA); Natacha Mora, vice president of the Spain Film Commission and coordinator of the Canary Island Film Commission; Marcio Migliorisi, in charge of International Affairs at the Uruguayan Film and Audiovisual Agency (ACAU) and Marcelo Ortega, president of Film Andes.

It will be moderated by Steve Solot, president of the Latin American Training Center (LATC) and Associate for Latin America.

Initiatives and work with a gender perspective in Latin America

Ventana Sur has organized the panel “Initiatives and works with a gender perspective in Latin America” with the purpose of presenting Latin American initiatives that work on gender equality from a cultural management, activism, public management and animation perspective.

Lía Báez, head of the DGCINE’s International Relations Department, will be the moderator along with panelists Mónica Juanita Hernández, Colombian producer and director of REC SISTERS; Brazilian Ana Luiza Beraba, founder of WePlot; and Mariana Loterszpil, Mexican national and member of the Board of Directors of MIA (Women in the Animation Industry).

CAACI Award: First Cut

The Conference of Audiovisual and Cinematographic Authorities of Ibero-America (CAACI) will award one of the First Cut Awards of the large Latin American market Ventana Sur.

The Primer Corte Awards consist of providing facilities for the post-production of a film in the post-production stage. Since its inception, the award has become an initiative that contributes to the participation of the region’s film industry in the most important international festivals and markets.

Among the jurors of this important award are Lía Báez, Head of the International Relations Department; Anabel Jessenne, Deputy Manager of International and Institutional Management of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA); and Marcio Migliorisi, Head of International Affairs of the Uruguayan Film and Audiovisual Agency (ACAU).

DOC Networks: Strengthening connections and partnerships

As general director of the DGCINE of the Dominican Republic, Marianna Vargas Gurilieva will share at DOC Networks the experience of producing in the country, highlighting the successful co-productions with countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Colombia and France, among others. She will also talk about the co-production agreements and the continuous growth in the international film scene with more than 33 co-productions to date.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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