Karisma expands in the DR: 3 hotels north and south

Karisma Hotels & Resorts reaffirms its commitment to tourism development in the RD by creating infrastructure in new areas to expand its presence in the country.

To this end, the chain plans to develop a 300-room project and a water park in Punta Bergantín, with an investment of US$209 million. In Pedernales, a Margaritaville hotel and a Nickelodeon hotel will be built, offering 700 rooms in the southern zone.

In this regard, Jorge Luis Feliz, president of Karisma RD, told arecoa.com that they have a portfolio of 1,000 new hotel rooms and that in the coming months, of the three projects mentioned, they will announce the details of the Margaritaville because it is the property that is more advanced in terms of permitting issues.

South Properties

Regarding the investment of the properties in the southern zone, he said that it is still not possible to quantify it and reminded that the properties in Pedernales are under trust and that the brand will be the operator.

Karisma Hotels 01Meanwhile, for the construction of the property in Puerto Plata, Feliz said that “we still cannot reveal the brand because we are in the process of final authorization to define the brand, but it will be a very interesting one”.

“As Dominicans we are committed to the country’s tourism. In Puerto Plata we will bring a new and different project, a condominium with hotel rooms and a water park, with a capacity for approximately two thousand people and the idea is to continue betting on the country”, he added.

Regarding the investments made by the chain in the country, the executive said that in order to continue in the process of tourism growth, the hotel sector must innovate.

“To continue growing we must innovate and we are going to develop new products, new brands, because only in this way will growth continue because we have other destinations such as Mexico and Jamaica that are direct competitors of the DR and are constantly innovating brands,” he emphasized.

Source: Arecoa.com

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