DR as one of the top rated countries in the Miss World contest

The Miss World organization and its director Julia Morley celebrated the 71st edition of the Miss World Festival from Mumbai, India, where the candidate María Victoria Bayo, representing the RD, placed in the top 12.

Among the 113 participating countries, Bayo also ranked second as the best contestant from the Americas and the Caribbean, and was also ranked in the top 20 in the preliminary top model competition.

Diany Mota, director of Miss. World Dominican Republic, said that she is very proud of Maria Victoria’s achievement.

Although our country has not achieved that second blue crown so desired since 1982, the position we have been reaching in the qualifications, in such a complex contest, pushes us more and more towards the goal, she said.


Under the direction of Diany Mota, RD has two Miss World Caribbean: Yaritza Reyes, who was first runner-up in 2016, and Emmy Pena, in 2022.

Also obtained, among others, the titles of Miss World Sport Champion, achieved by Marianly Tejada in 2011, today a prominent international actress, and Aletxa Mueses in 2019.

International statistics place the RD in the top 30 among 136 countries, occupying the 15th position with the best performance.


She was crowned Miss Dominican World in April 2023, and is recognized as an exemplary young woman for her admirable story.

A professional athlete and graduate with honors in business administration, Bayo presented during the competition the social project: “Education through sports”, whose mission is to benefit children and young people from the most vulnerable corners of the country.

Source: Almomento.net

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